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I am Computer Science Engineer from the Computer Science Faculty of the University of Málaga. I work as a Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Oviedo.

Contact Information
Contact Info

  Name: Benjamín López Pérez Benjamín López
  Email: benja at
  Phone: +34 985 10 33 89
  Fax: +34 985 10 33 82
  Address: Department of Computer Science, Calvo Sotelo s/n.
33007. Oviedo (Spain).
  Home Page:


Dynamic Adaptation of Object Persistence by means of Computational Reflection.
February 2006.


Separating the Persistence Aspect by means of Computational Reflection (spanish).
Benjamín López Pérez, Francisco Ortín Soler, Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle.
9th Conference on Software Engineering and Databases (JISBD). Malaga (Spain).
November 2004.
Separating Adaptable Persistence Attributes through Computational Reflection.
Francisco Ortín Soler, Benjamín López, J. Baltasar G. Pérez-Schofield.
IEEE Software, Volume 21, Issue 6.
November 2004.
Reflection as the basis for Developing a Dynamic SoC Persistence System.
Benjamín López Pérez, Francisco Ortín Soler, Javier Noval Arango.
Journal of Object Technology, Volume 3, Issue 8.
September 2004.


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