4th ECOOP Workshop on Object-Orientation and Operating Systems


Budapest, Tuesday, June 19, 2001

ACCEPTED POSITION PAPERS (some final versions pending)

Architecture of an Object-Oriented Cluster Operating System NEW: Final
O. Marquardt, M. Schoettner, M. Wende, and P. Schulthess
Department of Distributed Systems, University of Ulm, 89075 Ulm, Germany

Implementing Producers/Consumers Problem Using Aspect-Oriented Framework NEW: Final
Paniti Netinant, Computer Science Department, School of Science, Bangkok University, Thailand
T. Elrad, Concurrent Programming Research Group, Computer Science Department, Illinois Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
netipan@iit.edu, elrad@iit.edu

On Minimal Overhead Operating Systems and Aspect-Oriented Programming NEW: Final
Andreas Gal, Wolfgang Schroder-Preikschat and Olaf Spinczyk
University of Magdeburg, Germany

Dynamic Protocol Stack Composition: Protocol Independent Addressing NEW: Final
Sam Michiels, Tom Mahieu, Frank Matthijs and Pierre Verbaeten
Distrinet, Department of Computer Science, K.U. Leuven, Belgium

Building a Completely Adaptable Reflective System NEW: Final
Francisco Ortín Soler and Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle
Department of Informatics, University of Oviedo, Spain
{ortin, cueva}@pinon.ccu.uniovi.es

Extending Containers to Address the Main Problems of Persistent Object-Oriented Operating Systems: Clustering, Memory Protection and Schema Evolution
J.B. García Pérez-Schofield, Department of Computer Science, University of Vigo, Spain
T.B. Cooper, Director of Smarts Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia
E. García Roselló and M. Pérez Cota, Department of Computer Science, University of Vigo, Spain
{fjbgarcia,mpcota,erosellog}@uvigo.es, tco@smarts.com.au

Exploring an Aspect-Oriented Approach to OS Code NEW
Yvonne Coady, Gregor Kiczales, Michael Feeley, Norman Hutchinson, Joon Suan Ong and Stephan Gudmundson
University of British Columbia, Canada